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    • According to the household registration data, the total population was 196812 at the end of December 2018.  The male population was 945....More

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     Dragon and Tiger PagodasHousehold registration law was prescribed and promulgated by Nation Government on Dec 12 1931, but not implemented till 1946 in Taiwan. The competent authorities in charge of administration of household registration were the Ministry of interior in the Central Government and district household registration section of the county (city) government in counties(city).

    In 1969, in the need of census administration and social safeguard, local household registration affairs were put under the jurisdiction of the police authorities on a trial basis. And in 1973, household registration system was formally subordinate to the police agency. District household registration section turned to be household registration office under the supervision of police bureau of local government.

    Confucian TempleHowever, on July 1, 1992, household registration affairs were returned to the civil administration system again. Zuoying district household registration office (located at 3F, No. 479, Zuoying ta Rd, Zuoying District) has been subordinate to kaohsiung city since then. And in 1998, To have a better service for the broad remoted Sinjhuang area, established the branch office of Zuoying District househlod registration office at the Village Activity Center of Sinshan, Sinjhong, Sinsia, & Singuang (No. 22, Lisin Rd, Zuoying District).