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    • According to the household registration data, the total population was 196812 at the end of December 2018.  The male population was 945....More

Service items

    1. Household Registration:
      1. Registration of Personal status
        1. birth registration
        2. acknowledgement registration
        3. adoption/adoption termination registration
        4. marriage/divorce registration
        5. guardianship registration
        6. death/death annonncement registration
      2. Registration of relocation
        1. moving-in registration
        2. moving-out registration
        3. Address alteration registration
      3. Initial Household Registration
    2. birthplace registration
    3. Personal seal Registration/ Replacement/ Annulment/ Certification
    4. Acquisition / loss / restoration of nationality
    5. ID Cards
    6. household registry
    7. household certificate and Citizen Review of household records
    8. Coding / Producing / Replacing/ Re- issuing Address Places
    9. Address Doorplate Certification
    10. household certificate in English
    11. Easy and Immediate Processing

    Life consultancy center (for spouse of foreign and mainland China'snationality ).
    Organization of Volunteers Service Team - the volunteers will guide you and welcome you with a cup of tea, making you feel at home.